Tumenkhaan Resort | TERELJ NATIONAL PARK
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About This Project


It is one of the picturesque national parks of Mongolia. It is at 50-70 km in the northeast from Ulaanbaatar. Terelj National Park is famous for its mountains and rocks with special formation  such as Turtle Rock, Camel Rock and 100 Lamas Cave. There are also big rivers which are named Tuul and Terelj in the place of this park. The temple “Aryabal” which is located in the Park is one of the places where people prefer to visit. Terelj National Park has beautiful green forest zone which is rich of larch, spruce, green moss, cedar, birch and pine. The fauna of the park consists of wolves, deer, musk deer, and rabbits. Birds which live in the area of the park are black grouses, hazel grouses, bobwhites, birch partridges, woodpeckers, crows, magpies and chats.